Flowers for Your Business

We offer a few different options for you, whether you want a single bouquet for your desk or a weekly refresh of 30 small bouquets for your restaurant tables. Here are the choices:

One-time Delivery:

If you just want to see what we can do, we'll deliver a single large bouquet or several smaller bouquets suitable for restaurant tables or scattering around your inn. Prices start at $45 for this one-time option.

Weekly Bouquet Delivery:

A subscription service where we deliver flowers weekly, already arranged in containers we provide, to your door. Subscriptions can be seasonal (May to October, local flowers only) or year-round (using a mix of local and non-local flowers and foliage mid-October to early May). When we return, we will take last week's vases back to our studio for re-use. This service starts at $45 per week for 1 large bouquet; we can provide any number of large or small bouquets according to your needs and budget. 

Full Flower Service:

Many businesses prefer this option, as it is totally trouble-free for you! We come each week with buckets of flowers and create new arrangements on site, in either your vases or ones we provide. Each week we will clean up last week's flowers and vases. We will also place the new arrangements on your tables or wherever you like. Depending on the size and numbers of vases, this service starts at $50 per week for 1-2 medium to large arrangements for your desk; or $75 per week for 8 or more small vases for restaurant tables.

Holiday Decoration Service:

Are you looking for locally sourced greenery and decorations for the winter holidays? We love to create beautiful, fragrant garlands, wreaths, and long-lasting seasonal arrangements from locally gathered botanical ingredients. Our wreaths and mantelpiece arrangements feature our own colorful, ecologically grown dried flowers.

You may purchase holiday florals and greens from us and install them yourself. You may also hire us to decorate your space according to your vision; with this service you purchase the decorations and we charge an hourly rate to install them.