Eva with early summer ranunculus from the garden

Eva with early summer ranunculus from the garden

About Eva

Eva, owner and head designer, is forever inspired by the woods and fields of her rural Vermont home. Growing up among her mother's lush and always slightly overgrown gardens, and wandering the wildflower-filled maple woods surrounding her childhood home, gave her a deep appreciation for the ephemeral beauty of nature.

She now brings this same thoughtful sensibility and attention to detail to her signature wild, lush, and intricate flower arrangements and bouquets. Growing a diversity of cut flower varieties in her wildlife-filled gardens is a natural extension of her love of the wild landscape and local ecology, and she loves bringing this ethic to Vermont wedding flowers.

Eva has trained with famed floral designers Ariella Chezar and Sarah Ryhanen of SAIPUA.

What We Do

We happily provide wedding and event flowers throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and upstate New York. We will help you bring your individual floral dreams to life with attentive service and the most beautiful, sustainably grown local flowers in season, and responsibly sourced blooms from the best sources at other times.

Blossoming Bough is committed to sustainable farming and business practices.



How We Work

You are the most important part of all this! Personal connection and talking about your dream and vision is the first step and one of the most fun and important parts of the process.

Once we know what you want and need for your event, we create a flower proposal, taking into consideration what flowers and foliage are in season, the mood, the location, and the timeline for making it all happen.

On your wedding day, we will be on site early, setting up all the flowers and making sure everything looks just right. After the festivities, we return to clean up our work.

Have questions? Contact us or head over to the Booking Details page to read more.



We offer fully customized floral services for your event—we work with you, discussing your style, favorite flowers, desired ambiance, and budget so we can provide you with the beautiful floral art you’ve been dreaming of, while keeping a careful eye on practical considerations.

You may choose between two service options:

Our full-service custom option: we provide you with the highest level of service. We will discuss your desires and needs with you, create a floral proposal for all the items you would like, create flower arrangements to the agreed-on specifications, and deliver and install them at your wedding location. We also return after the festivities to clean up our floral work if needed. This option allows for the most customization and is ideal for you if your wedding flower plans include items like a flowered arbor, hanging flowers, or very large arrangements. We will charge a delivery & installation fee and can provide rentals of large decor items. The vases/flower vessels for this option can be anything you’re dreaming of—we will work with you to find beautiful choices from our collection or from whatever source you wish. 

Our pickup option: if your floral needs are on the simpler side, you may book our custom floral design services but pick the arrangements up at our studio the evening before or morning of your wedding and install them yourself. This option is best for you if you’re close by; especially concerned about budget; your flower needs don’t include items like a decorated arbor or hanging installations; and/or you have lots of help for placing the flowers on site. Cleanup is not included and there are no delivery & installation or rental fees with this option. You may have us arrange the flowers in your own vases, or we will provide simple glass vases or jars. 

Our booking process is outlined below. We prefer to offer you a custom quote specified to your needs after chatting with you and viewing a few inspiration photos. However, starting prices for many common items are available on request. 

At the present time, we do fully customized work for weddings and events. To ensure the smoothest and most stress-free process for all of us, we will generally do the following when planning to produce your event:

  • Right away when you contact us, we will arrange a time to meet with you over the phone or in person to discuss details, budget, and consider inspiration pictures
  • We ask that you share your inspiration images with us at the beginning of the planning process.
  •  To book our services, we require the signing of our contract and a 20% retainer deposit once we have arrived at a satisfactory initial proposal, preferably at least 2 months before your event.
  • A detailed, more final proposal will be delivered once the retainer deposit has been paid.

Our delivery, installation, & cleanup fee is calculated at 20% of the total flower and decor cost.

Thank you so much for your interest and attention!